"You have an important mission. You'll need to get the Bug-chip from the lab and bring it back to The Organization. But remember, the cyber-guards are equipped with facial recognition, so try to be as stealthy as possible."
- Agent X


-Move:  Arrows - AD

-Jump: Up - W

-Hit: Space - Right Shift

-R: Restart level


Even though you can attack and force your way through certain sections, you must not be seen in others in order to beat the game. The game's idea is to balance both force and stealth in strategy.
The various levels are laid out in platforms in which the player will need to jump to beat the level. Jumping will also be a useful tool for avoiding being seen by staying in the enemies's blind-spots.
The game's palette is conformed almost solely by purple hues.
Wham! Sounds
The artstyle of the game (including music) is based of comics and the attacks will include these onomatopeyas on screen.


Game design, music, sound and art: Mateo Ferretto.

Tip: The cyber-guards will take some time to recognise you so make sure to hide behind something or ran away from them. You can also hide behind or above them since they have a very limited field of view.

For a harder experience, try to beat the game without destroying cyber.guards.


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How do I start the game?

"Run game" and then "Play"... You don't see these options?